Heartbleed Explanation

Heartbleed Explanation


Lifetime License to Outpost Security Suite Pro

Agnitum runs a promotion campaign for its Outpost Pro 8 security products and makes a special offers: a lifetime license to Outpost Security Suite Pro or Outpost Firewall Pro for three computers for the price of one-year license.

The lifetime license ensures that Outpost users have the opportunity to enjoy unlimited antivirus updates and product upgrades for the lifetime of the product. Following its "pay once and stay protected for life" promise, Agnitum has waived the expiration date on Outpost protection and is declining to capitalize on renewals.

The offer expires at midnight on December 31, 2012. Until that time you can buy a lifetime license to Outpost Security Suite Pro for 3 PCs for just $59.95

Consider changing your password

Every three months Windows reminds about changing password. And Windows 7 does in unobtrusive way:

Consider changing your password: Your password will expire in 3 days.

Consider changing your password: Your password will expire tomorrow.

Windows XP shows a dialog box asking whether you would like to change your password now, when you log in or unlock your computer. You have to click a button to continue working. I like the way Windows 7 does it better. Moreover there are email reminders sent in 21 days before your password expires.

Users don’t see such messages at home: Who wants to make oneself change one’s password every three months?

Do you have a password on your home computer?
Have you ever changed it since you setup Windows?


The time has come to change my antivirus software suite. For a long time I’ve been using Kaspersky Internet Security, and I’ve had no issues with it until recently.

Last year in October, my desktop started to be sluggish after it wakes up from sleep. I contacted technical support. The support ticket is still open, I regularly do tests they ask me to do, add more details… There’s no solution. I already have no hope to get my issue fixed.

A similar problem occurred on my new laptop several times. Although I do not believe KIS is the source of hangs, it surely contributes to the issues with system stability.

So now I’m looking for alternative solution. I’d like to have a complete suite with antivirus and firewall, anti-banner is also a plus. Anti-span is not crucial anymore because I mostly read email online.

What antivirus do you use? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Password Checker

Microsoft provides online password checker where you can easily assess the strength of your password.
There are also tips on creating strong passwords. Everyone should know this for one’s own security.

Russian version: Средство проверки паролей.