Windows Themes

How often do you change themes in Windows? Especially how often do you switch from visual stylesenabled theme (Aero or Basic, XP style) to classic one.

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Menu Alignment

My answer to the question Why all menus in windows are floating left with dual monitor? was not quite right. The author of the question commented my answer and updated the question with the screen shot of the entire desktop.

Menus on their desktop are right-aligned, and it’s not because the menu would fall out of screen with left-alignment.

Usually, menus are left-aligned:
Left-aligned Help menu in Notepad

But menus can be right-aligned:
Right-aligned Help menu in Notepad

Windows allows changing alignment of the menus, but it provides no UI to control this setting.

So to fix user’s problem, I wrote a simple application MenuAlignment.exe.

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Windows 8 Challenge

Super User had a challenge with prizes to support the release of Windows 8.

There were two separate challenges: Levels and Tiles. You complete those by asking and answering questions.

It was here that I was spending all my free time during the last two weeks. Here’s what I managed to achieve:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

My tiles in Super User Windows 8 Challenge

Unfortunately, I found the challenge quite late. If I had known about it from the start, I could have fight for the main prize, Surface RT tablet, and I would have reached the Level 3. Anyway I just wanted to get the t-shirt 🙂

Super User Windows 8 Challenge: Level 1 prize - T-Shirt

Well, why would one give up on other levels? So I continued answering questions. And Level 3 was really close…

By the time I joined the challenge, many questions had been asked and answered. And I didn’t have access to Windows 8 from some time and therefore I couldn’t answer some questions because I had no way to check. Nevertheless I tried to do my best.

On November 2 I earned 180 reputation points. If I had earned 20 points more, I would have received Mortarboard badge. And 155 points earned my answer to : How can I stop others from formatting the hard drive in Windows 8?

In my opinion, this question was not directly related to Windows 8.

There are lots of questions which are not very useful, yet they earned many upvotes. Sometimes the answers were rather obvious. So you just have to play by the rules.