Cyrillic displays as question marks in Flickr Stats

Now Flickr has completely broken its stats page: only search requests in English are displayed correctly.

I posted a discussion to the Flickr help forum:

Recently all the search queries in Russian started to show as question marks in Flickr Stats:
Question marks instead of Russian words at Flickr Stats page

Why do I think it’s Russian text that hides beneath question marks? Because it happened before, last year in August. Before August 2013, the stats showed Russian queries, and then they became a mojibake. But at least it could be decoded.

I wrote about this problem to technical support with detailed explanation of what I see. They were keen to resolve login issues which I didn’t have. I explained what was my problem once more, and I have never heard from them again.

Now the stats has become completely broken. The question marks can’t be decoded to anything useful.

Could this problem be fixed, please?

Thank you,

However I have no hope…

A user shared a link to the earlier discussion: BUG: Stats page not displaying correct Big-5 fonts (Traditional Chinese). It describes the same issue I blogged at Mojibake at Flickr. There was also a possible fix suggested. Yet no action has been taken by Flickr devs. They’re too busy creating new UI for viewing photos… Who cares if an old (paid) feature is broken?! Anyway everyone speaks English.

I’ll wait a little… And next week I’ll contact technical support.


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