Problems with laptop

Statistics of reliability monitor on the new laptop does not make happy:
Stability index diagram in Reliability Monitor

Something hangs. Often it happens when resuming from sleep or when switching users. It does not stop responding completely: mouse cursor moves on the screen but there’s nothing else but blackness. Sometimes the system works yet it becomes sluggish. There are service timeout errors in the system log.

I tried to turn off the majority of additional services and software installed by HP. Unfortunately, it didn’t help.

Then I updated video drivers. Neither helped it.

I changed video card usage setting in BIOS from dynamic to fixed and selected high-performance card in the system. This even reduced the time where the laptop works. The system stopped responding rather easily.

Then I switched to using energy-efficient card. The system became more stable, yet occasionally it stopped working…

Lately I updated the fingerprint and sound-card drivers. I hope it helps…

Does anyone face such problems on HP Pavilion dv7-6b54er?
How do I make the system stable?


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