Clock went forward one hour, or did not

This night most of Europe has adjusted clock one hour forward, and has entered Daylight Saving Time.

But Russia has not done it this time. As of last autumn, Russia does not observe DST any more. Moscow stays at UTC+4.

So check your clocks show the correct time.

Classics of not using braces in if-else statement

There’s a snippet of code:

if (event == null)
    if (logger.isWarnEnabled()) logger.warn( "event is null");

This beautifully formatted code does not do what its author wanted it to do: The compiler sees this as

if (event == null)
    if (logger.isWarnEnabled())
        logger.warn( "event is null");

In this case the event is never fired as long as log level includes warning. Things get worse if log level is above warning: fireEvent(null) is executed, however that’s the situation the author tried to avoid.

This is why Java Coding Style Guidelines requires using braces in all cases:

Note: if statements always use braces {}. Avoid the following error-prone form:

    if (condition) //AVOID! THIS OMITS THE BRACES {}!

InputStream.mark documentation is broken (J2SE v1.4.2)

Documentation for InputStream in J2SE v1.4.2 is broken. Description of mark(int) ends with garbage:
Documentation for InputStream.mark(int) ends with garbage

Because of this, javadoc for subsequent methods is not available at all.

Fortunately, the documentation for Java 6 shows the full description of InputStream.