Memory-hungry chkdsk

Physical memory usage: 7,75 GB

It turns out chkdsk is hungry for memory. When I checked my disks with /r option, physical memory usage increased up to 7.75 GB.

It was chkdsk that used the major part of it: 6,829,248 KB (6.5 GB) in its working set.


2 Responses to “Memory-hungry chkdsk”

  1. Billy Says:

    chkdsk d: /f /r – “reserves” all memory avialable on 64bit systems upon activation only.
    I reduced the memory usage of chkdsk by using fancycache to reserve memory for cache, activated chkdsk and then stoped fancycache. I hope this helped.

    • Alexey Ivanov Says:

      It does not bother me much, it was just an observation, which surprised me.
      Additionally chkdsk uses disk so actively that other disk operations become very slow, unless you access data on another physical disk.

      Thanks for your hint. Maybe it helps someone.

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