Happy Programmers’ Day!

I’d like to congratulate all programmers with their professional day: the Programmers’ Day!

Happy coding!
Let no bugs crawl in your code!

Windows version vs. Visual C++ version

Can anyone please tell me if there’s any dependency between the version of Windows and the version of Visual C++?

Many people insist that Visual Studio 2008 must be used to develop applications targeted at Windows Server 2008 R2. (This also implies that the application must be compiled with Visual Studio 2005 for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.) Is it true?

Tester’s Day

Today is Tester’s Day.

Testing is an important stage in software development. And I wish a Happy Tester’s Day to all the testers.

Java: changing the value of a String

Consider this piece of code:

String s = "abc";

The last line prints not the expected abc but something different, for example dbc. How does m() do it?