Activate Windows 7


After I had changed the motherboard in my home computer, almost all devices were reinstalled. Naturally, Windows wanted to activate once again:
2 days until automatic activation

A balloon notification provided more details why activation was required again:
Balloon notification: Activate Windows now

During Windows setup, activation was performed automatically and I was not afraid of this procedure.

So, here we go.

You must activate Windows now to continue using all Windows features 1
Nothing’s fearful so far. Activate online.

The product key must be activated with new hardware 2
Automatic online activation failed: To change the hardware your Windows product key is registered to, use the automated phone system to activate.

Click the nearest location 3
Select Russia.

Activate Windows now: toll-free phone number in Russia 8 800 200 8002 4
I called toll-free number 8 800 200 8002. After short instructions, I was asked to enter the installation ID. It consists of nine groups of six digits.

Then I was asked, on how many computers this copy of Windows was installed. There were two options: 1 or 2. I selected 1. (I don’t know what would have happened if I had selected 2; I decided not to test it.)

Later the phone system gave me the confirmation code. It also consists of nine groups, denoted by letters, with six digits in each.

I got confused a bit at this step. It seemed strange to me that the groups were identical. It proved each group was called out twice. When I realized it, it was too late: I didn’t have time to copy the digits into the correct fields.

I didn’t manage to pursue the system to start over at group A. When the system read all the groups, there was an option to repeat them all. At this time each group was given only once, and I didn’t catch two digits in group G. Because of this, I had to call one more time and enter the installation ID. At this time, the system did not ask me about the number of computer where this copy of Windows was installed.

And finally, Activation completed successfully.
Activation was successful 5

The duration of the call was about 7 minutes.


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