WiX patching


To create Windows Installer packages, WiX is used in a project I work on. And one day I needed to create a patch for an existing install package.

I started searching how it can be done. The first thing that Google found was this instruction. It suited my needs, more or less. Yet I didn’t manage to create the patch following this instruction. I overcame several obstacles, and then I faced another problem on the last step of the process: the tools didn’t see any modifications between the two different installations. Later I found out why the tools see no modifications. It proved that our packages didn’t store the sizes of files.

The instruction I talked above was written for version 2.0 of WiX. However version 3.0 is already used. It took me some time until I found the updated instructions on the WiX site. There are two of them:

There was an issue with both ways: either instruction assumed there’s original .wsx file of the install package. I didn’t have one. After trying various approaches, including install package decompilation, I still didn’t manage to create patch. I even downloaded a fresh WiX build, but it didn’t help either.

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